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Lanyard Keychains

A Mini-Lanyard Keychain
Mini-Lanyard Keychain, 2 Colors (Goldenrod & Red Shown)

Things You Will Need:

  • Two strands of boondoggle:
    • 3½ yards each, if making a lanyard, or
    • 4 feet each, if making a mini-lanyard keychain.
  • A lanyard hook <OR> a swivel hook.
  • An 8-10 inch strand of boondoggle <OR> a safety-pin <OR> a push-pin.
  • A paper-clip.
  • Scissors

How to Create a Mini-Lanyard Keychain:

(Lanyard Instructions Also Given)

Select either the Diamond or Spiral braid...

Continue doing your chosen BRAID STITCH until:

  • If making a Mini-Lanyard Keychain, your FINISHED braid is between 8 and 9 inches long, or
  • If making a Lanyard, your LOOSE STRANDS are about 12 inches (1 foot) long.

Hold your finished braid UPSIDE DOWN and see how the strands lie. You want to set them out like this. If doing the Diamond Braid, the opposite strand colors should be different, but if you're doing the Spiral Braid, the opposite strands should be the same color. I'm doing the Diamond Braid here, so I'll make one red strand opposite one yellow strand, etc.

What we're going to do now is create one Square Stitch, but we'll leave the stitch loose. In this shot, I've created the first loop needed for Square...

...and after making the next two loops needed for Square...

...and after making the last loop and weave needed to complete the Square Stitch.

We now need to take the other end of our project, the end with the lanyard hook or swivel hook, and stick it up through this loose Square stitch we made. If making the Mini-Lanyard Keychain, stick between 1¼ and 1½ inches through the loose stitch, but if creating a lanyard, stick 6 - 8 inches through.

Tighten this initial Square Stitch around the braid. If making the Keychain, pull this stitch TIGHT, but if making the lanyard, pull it just SNUG, so as to not leave any loose loops.

Now do another Square Stitch around the braid core. Again, pull it TIGHT if making the Keychain, and SNUG if making the lanyard. If you made the Cobra Bracelet, you may remember doing a stitch-over-a-stitch, when we did the Cobra over some existing Cobra.

Continue with another stitch of Square. We pull the stitches TIGHT when we're making the Keychain, because we do NOT want the braid to MOVE inside the Square; however, when we're making a lanyard, we want to be able to ADJUST the LENGTH of the lanyard by pulling the braid up or down INSIDE of the Square, which is why we only pull those Square Stitches SNUG.

Continue doing Square Stitches. If you're making a Keychain, do about ½ to ¾ of an inch of Square. If you're making a lanyard, continue doing the Square until your loose strands are about 4 inches long...

...and complete both projects by doing a Completion Stitch. For this Keychain, I slightly modified how I did the completion, as I wanted all the loose ends to exit from the same side of the work. After snipping the excess strands, create some Fancy Tassels to finish this project off!

A Mini-Lanyard Keychain
Completed Mini-Lanyard Keychain!

Other Lanyard Ideas:

  • Try adding some PONY BEADS to either the Keychain or Lanyard projects.
  • Instead of using the Square Stitch at the end, try using the Circle Stitch. This looks great if you also use the Spiral Braid. Remember that the first stitch you do must be Square, before you start doing the Circle stitches, or else it will fall apart on you!
  • Attempt to swap between using the Spiral and the Diamond braid. This is more easily done when you're also using beads.
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