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How to make a Mouse with SCOUBIDOU®

You will need: 3 SCOUBIDOU® strands, 2 of the same shade and 1 pink one. 1 piece of iron wire (appr. 14cm), 1 piece of iron wire (appr. 7cm) and 2 stick-on eyes.

Take a piece of pink SCOUBIDOU® and cut to about 14cm long. Insert the 14cm piece of wire. Starting without a loop tie 4 round knots with your other same shade strands around the pink scoubidou strand (see photo 1). Make sure to leave approx. 1.5cm of the pink strand extended to make a nose.

Now take a new piece of pink SCOUBIDOU® strand of approx. 7cm and again insert your 7cm long piece of wire inside. Now shape the ears as in photo 2. Add the ears to your creation as shown in photo 3. Tie your next knot carefully over the ears to attach them.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Now continue knotting for another 4cm (photo 4). Turn your creation around and knot over the existing knots (photo 5). Continue until you are almost at the ear level.

photo 4

photo 5

To create a round nose, bend the pink string at the front using a pair of pliers. If the strand is too long, cut it shorter before bending.

Use the extended pink strand at the back to make a tail, bending it until you are happy with the result.

Use stick-on eyes to complete your mouse.

Tip: You can glue your mouse onto a pin to make a cute brooch.

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