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Finishing Stitches
The Fluted Columns Completion Stitch

This completion stitch is used when you have twelve working strands, as in Fluted Columns and Fluted Twist. This is a slight variation of the Quad Completion Stitch, in that we want to balance where the strands exit the project:


Do one more Fluted Columns Stitch, but leave the entire stitch a bit loose, like this...

Where you place the strands will really be up to you, but try and have them come up through a hole that is NEAR where the strand exits the stitch. Here, I'm about half done with the completion stitch.

After all strands have come up through a hole, but BEFORE I've pulled them tight, we can see how the Completion Stitch somewhat crowns the project work.

Snip off the excess to complete the project. For this project, I snipped half the strands at one angle, then turned the project around and snipped the other half, giving the entire project a somewhat pointed look.

I just had to get a closeup shot of this stitch, as it's this 90-degree turn that makes this stitch so neat. This is definately the eye-catcher of this stitch, as it makes people say, "How'd You Do That?", and now you know! :-)

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