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The Basic Stitches

The Square Stitch

Sometimes referred to as the "Box Stitch", the Square Stitch is the cornerstone of all boondoggling stitches. To start this stitch, you'll need two strands of scoubidou the same length. With practice, you'll begin to figure out how much square you'll be able to do with any given length of scoubidou. For myself, I can get about an inch of square out of every 12 to 14 inches of strand.

 First, FIND THE CENTERS of these two strands...

 Create a STARTER SQUARE STITCH before continuing...

Hold a "starter square stitch" as shown. Bring the far strand up and over to form the first LOOP...

Now take the near strand up and over AWAY from you to form the second LOOP next to the first.

Start the WEAVE by taking the strand on your LEFT up and over the first LOOP, then under the second LOOP...

...continue by taking the strand on your RIGHT up and over the loop nearest it, then under the loop farthest from it, as shown.

Slowly pull the strands away from each other... finish the second square stitch!

After we've completed numerous stitches...'s the bird's eye view, ready to start another stitch.

There is another way to do the Square Stitch, which can make it FASTER to do this stitch. A similar method can be used when doing the Circle Stitch, however these are the only stitches that this method works with:

Start by making a loop, similar to the way you would normally start this stitch...

...instead of making a second loop, take the strand NEXT TO the strand you were working with UP and OVER the loop you just made, so it sits next to the third strand...

...similarly, take the third strand UP and OVER the second strand, so it sits next to the last strand...

...complete this stitch by taking the last strand UP and OVER the third strand, then UNDER the loop you made with the first strand.

You would then pull the strands tight and complete the stitch!
Continue working the Square Stitch until the SHORTEST working strand you have is between 2½ and 3 inches long, then do a COMPLETION STITCH to finish off the project.

A Square Stitch Project, properly completed!

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